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Top 5 Tips for Green and Sustainable RV Travel

Top 5 Tips for Green and Sustainable RV Travel

January 4, 2023
Top 5 Tips for Green and Sustainable RV Travel

RVing can be a great option for green and sustainable travel!

To begin with, RVing is a greener alternative to flying and staying in hotels, and eating out less often means a decrease in carbon emissions, water and electricity usage, as well as waste.

If you’re determined to adopt a path of traveling more sustainability with your RV this year, here are some tips.

Install Solar Panels

The first thing you should do is install solar panels on your RV if there aren’t any, because minimizing fossil fuel usage is a priority (propane, diesel and gas). Using the power of the sun as much as possible is the best choice for green RV travel. Consider installing enough panels and batteries to replace some propane appliances with electrical ones.

Drive Fewer Kilometers and Go Slower

Be mindful and strategic about your travel plans, to minimize driving and fuel expenditure. Choose to camp at places near to each other for shorter commutes. You can even bike to off-site destinations and get some exercise! Travel to fewer places and spend extra time in them to discover more, while gaining increased rest time.

Properly Empty Black and Grey Tanks

Always empty black and grey tanks at dump stations to properly dispose of waste – protecting the ground and wildlife. Even if you use biodegradable options, it can still negatively affect the pH levels of soil and waterways.

Use Reusable Tableware

We know how appealing and easy it is to use disposable dishes and cutlery when travelling, but these products aren’t environmentally friendly. Plastic disposable tableware is rarely recyclable, and even compostable options end up in landfills. It is a more sustainable choice to use reusable tableware – plus it lasts years!

Use the Sun and Shade to your Advantage

Use the sun and shade to your advantage to save on propane and electricity usage from running you’re A/C or furnace. This also means parking your RV with your biggest windows facing north in the summer to keep it cooler, and facing south in the winter to keep it warm.

Bonus Tips!

Make your RV eco-friendly with these extra tips!

  • Downsize to a smaller RV. We can help!
  • Avoid overpacking
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Travel with empty gray, black and freshwater tanks

If you’re looking for a green RV, look for one with a TRA Certification – third-party green certification company. To be certified green, RV manufacturers are rated based on construction waste, materials used, water and energy efficiency, as well as indoor air quality.  

We have some options in our inventory. Contact us today!


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