10 Tips for Comfortable Fall RVing

If you’re heading out on a camping trip this season, you’re going to need to take a few extra precautions and pack some seasonal supplies. Check out our tips for a comfortable fall RVing experience.

1. Watch the weather 

Don’t let a highway snowstorm catch you by surprise! Take a good look at the long-range forecast, not only for your destination, but also all the way along your route. The weather on highways at higher elevations can differ greatly from the weather at your destination in a nearby valley.

2. Cozy up with a hot water bottle

If it’s not quite cold enough to get the furnace going, a trusty hot water bottle is a great addition to cozy bedding to keep you warm at night.

3. Layer up your clothes 

Chilly mornings can give way to beautifully warm afternoons, so pack layers so you can adjust and be comfortable through the day.

4. Be prepared for shorter days 

Gone are the long days of summer! With a later sunrise and an earlier sunset, be prepared for darkness. Pack a headlamp for chopping wood and other campsite chores, and string awning lights for a nice, cozy glow.

5. Pack snow gear 

Even if it’s not in the forecast, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for snow. Pack along de-icing crystals, a snow shovel, and a snow brush, just in case.

6. Fall wildlife safety 

Fall can be a great time for wildlife watching, but you also need to exercise caution in some areas. Breeding season, or rut, for elk, deer, moose and bison continues through the fall, and male animals are more aggressive during this time.

7. Cook cozy comfort foods

You’re going to want all the cozy, warm, comfort foods when you’re camping in the fall. You can find lots of great comfort food ideas for camping over the Internet. Oh! And don’t forget to bring some hot chocolate!

8. Off-the-grid necessities 

Camping in the fall often means camping without services, so check in advance to see if you’ll need to bring along water, wood, or a generator.

9. Combat humidity 

As temperatures drop outside, humidity can become a problem in your RV. Open your vents or crack open a window to allow air circulation, and use dehumidifying crystals to soak up excess moisture.

10. Be prepared for extra days 

Bad weather can interrupt travel plans, so pack enough food to get you through a few extra days. Or, you may be enjoying the peace and quiet and beautiful fall scenery, and not want to leave. Either way, you’ll be prepared!

Stop by your local RV Care dealership for all the gear and advice you need for a successful trip in any season. Happy camping!


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