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10 Tech-Related Gadgets for Your RVing Pleasure

10 Tech-Related Gadgets for Your RVing Pleasure

January 27, 2023
10 Tech-Related Gadgets for Your RVing Pleasure

2022 hit us with even more options in the world of RV technology! Here are 10 tech-related gadgets to consider.

As more and more avid adventurers seek the convenient comforts of technology, while out on the road, we are increasingly presented with new items and gadget that make RV life even more appealing and fun (as if it wasn’t already appealing enough eh!?).

If we look at RVs in terms of being like a second home to us, then we need technology to track with us and our needs.

  1. Surge Protectors – keep your electronics safe and protect your RV from electrical issues caused by electricity fluctuations.
  2. Tire Pressure Monitoring System – monitors your tires and notifies you if tires are underinflated. This could be life saving!
  3. Wireless Vehicle Leveling System – make leveling much safer and more manageable by connecting to your smartphone.
  4. WiFi Extender – boost your connectivity so you can stay connected to family or work obligations.
  5. WiFi Pet Cam – ensure your pet is ok while you’re away from your RV by connecting via your smartphone.
  6. Water Pressure Regulator – helps regulate high pressure connections to protect your RV fittings and hoses from damage and leaks.
  7. Solar Power Tech – With vast options, tap into the power of solar energy for off grid camping and energy efficiency.
  8. Bluetooth Portable Speakers – Upgrade your sound systems and take your favourite tunes with you wherever you want, with Bluetooth ranges up to 100 ft.
  9. Heated Seating – for those long and extended travels, or on the occasion of colder temperatures try the comfort of heated seating.
  10. Silent Generator Systems – get the power you need without the loud and disruptive noise of traditional generators.

There are endless RV technologies and tech-related items to enhance your overall travel experience with new things coming out all the time.

RVing doesn’t have to be without luxury and convenience anymore!

We have many RV options in-stock with all the tech you’ll ever need, contact us today to discuss and learn more!

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