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What to ask when shopping for an RV

When shopping for an RV, there are seemingly endless options out there, and the question of which is best has a different answer for every RVer. Narrow down your choices by asking yourself and/or your salesperson these questions.

What kind of travel will you do?

When choosing an RV that suits your needs, consider the kind of travel you envision. Off-the-beaten track, boondocking adventures are more suited to smaller RVs that can fit into smaller, less-developed campsites, while snowbirding for the winter months at a full service RV resort might be more comfortable with a larger RV.

What is this going to cost? 

Budget is always one of the biggest factors in choosing an RV. And it’s not just the purchase price that you need to consider. Get a clear picture of the total cost, including fees, taxes, and any added accessories and gear you’d like. Little things can add up to push you over budget, and you want to leave room to purchase essential RV gear. If you are financing, get a clear picture of your monthly costs, and total interest.

What can you actually tow?

If you’re looking for a travel trailer or fifth wheel, make sure you begin by finding out what you can tow safely with your vehicle. You don’t want to fall in love with a unit that exceeds your tow capacity, so narrow down your options at the start.

What sleeping arrangement makes the most sense for your family?

Murphy beds, sleeper sofas and drop-down bunks allow you to tuck away beds during the day and gain extra living spaces, while designated sleeping areas like separate bedrooms and bunks allow you to skip putting your beds away each morning and provide easy daytime napping. Consider what will work best for your family’s routine. For example, bunks models are a great option when you want to put the kids to bed, but still be able to sit at your table in the evening.

What kind of weather can this RV handle? 

If you want to take year-round advantage of your RV, ask about insulation, a heated and enclosed underbelly, and any other features that will keep you cozy year-round. Some RVs come fully equipped to handle Canadian winters, while others won’t keep you as warm.

Does it feel like home?

Sometimes, it just feels right. As you tour the possibilities, pay attention to how you feel in the space and if the flow and layout will work for you. It just might be the perfect place to make lasting memories.

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