Trending RV Features

Trending RV Features

February 1, 2022
Trending RV Features

RVs come with many different features to suit all preferences and needs. There are a few of these attributes that come in handy for many RV enthusiasts.

Check out this list of trending features.


Help the environment, cut down on noise and save on costs by adding solar panels or purchasing an RV with solar panels included!


Outdoor kitchens may not be a new feature, but they are becoming one of the most impressive features. 2022 models are coming equipped with everything you need. You’ll likely use it more than your indoor kitchen!


It can be quite difficult and stressful to back your RV into a campsite or a small area. That is where rear-view cameras come in to help you out. More and more RV manufacturers are making rear-view cameras a standard feature with their basic kits that include a backup camera with wide viewing angles and infrared lights.

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