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RV & Travel Trailer Class Guide

If you’re new to the world of RVs and travel trailers, navigating your way through the multiple classes of vehicles can be a bit intimidating.

Use our guide to learn about the important attributes that distinguish each class.

Travel Trailer

A home that follows you almost anywhere

Versatile and compact, travel trailers are literally a mobile home on wheels. These towable, self-contained units range in a variety of sizes and are constructed with lightweight materials. Equipped with many amenities, such as a kitchen, sleeping quarters and a bathroom, they offer a home away from home. Some higher end models even boast luxurious features like slide-out sections and entertainment systems. Perfect for road trips and camping excursions, travel trailers provide the freedom to explore without sacrificing comfort. 

5th Wheel

Luxury accomodations on wheels

A distinctive class of RV that combines practicality and luxury for the ultimate road-tripping experience. Designed to hitch to a pickup truck via a unique fifth-wheel coupling, this class of trailer provides excellent stability and manoeuvrability. Ranging in a variety of sizes, they offer spacious, multi-level living spaces and come with well-equipped kitchens, cozy bedrooms, and are often equipped with multiple slide-outs for extra room. For those seeking an upscale and spacious travel adventure, the fifth-wheel class reigns supreme.

Toy Hauler 

For those who can’t travel without their toys

The adventurer’s dream on wheels, marrying the convenience of an RV with the versatility of a cargo hauler. Larger in size than the usual trailer, they feature a spacious rear garage area designed to transport motorcycles, ATVs, or other recreational gear; however, the garage area can easily be converted into additional living space. Toy haulers are perfect for thrill-seekers who want to bring their toys with them on the road, combining comfort and adventure into one mobile package.

Class A 

Travel without compromise

These majestic, bus-like vehicles epitomize the pinnacle of motorhome luxury and comfort. Built on a custom chassis, Class A’s have powerful engines that can navigate highways with ease and inside, a truly residential experience awaits, complete with a full kitchen, multiple bedrooms, and lavishly appointed bathrooms. Expansive slide-outs expand the living space and provide room for amenities like entertainment centres and even fireplaces. Simply put, this class of RV caters to the traveler who craves a lavish and comprehensive mobile lifestyle.

Class B 

A simpler way to travel in comfort

Also known as a camper van, this class of vehicle represents a compact and versatile solution for travelers seeking mobility and simplicity. Although smaller than their Class A counterparts, they handle well and fit into standard-sized spots. On the inside, they are cleverly designed to maximize space and comfort with cozy living areas that convert into sleeping quarters, plus a basic kitchenette and a compact bathroom. 

Class C 

A motorized option that has it all for less

Offering a balance between size and versatility, this class of motorhomes is easily recognizable by the distinctive over-cab sleeping area. Inside, you’ll find a well-appointed living space with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Slide-outs are also available for extra space and comfort. Ideal for families and adventurers, these versatile vehicles are easy to drive and provide a comfortable and manageable way to explore the open road.

Park Model 

A second home untethered to a single address

Also known as a mobile home, this class of trailer is designed for long-term or seasonal stays in designated RV or mobile home parks. Larger than traditional RV’s, but smaller than permanent homes, park models feature a homey, residential-style interior with a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area. Many come with slide-out sections for even more space. These units are not designed for regular travel, but are perfect as a semi-permanent vacation home or a retirement property.

Hybrid Model

Enjoy the experience of a tent with the amenities of trailer

Compact and versatile, offering the best of both worlds, these units combine the traditional travel trailer with tent-style camping. Their design features hard-sided walls and a solid roof, but also incorporate fold-out or pop-out tent sections that provide extra interior space. Inside, all the amenities of a standard travel trailer, including kitchens, bathrooms and living areas, are present. 

Truck Camper

Just load it up and go

Designed to be loaded onto the bed of a pickup truck, these units range from lightweight pop-ups to hard-sided, fully-equipped models, featuring cozy living spaces, bedrooms, small kitchens and bathrooms, all integrated into a streamlined package. They provide the convenience of a motorhome while allowing for easy towing of other equipment, like boats or trailers. Perfect for adventurous souls, they are an excellent choice for off-grid exploration and spontaneous road trips.

Tent Trailer

It’s like a traditional tent, only better

Also referred to as a pop-up camper or folding camper, these trailers are a compact and lightweight alternative to traditional RV’s and are ideal for campers who want a more authentic outdoor experience. Designed with collapsible walls and roof, they offer comfortable sleeping areas when expanded – basic kitchenette, small dinette or sitting space – and fold easily for traveling, plus due to their light weight, they are easily towed by most vehicles, making them accessible to a wide range of campers. 

Cargo Trailer

A multi-purpose option

A utilitarian, non-motorized trailer that is intended primarily for hauling goods and equipment; however, they can be converted into mobile workshops, offices, or living spaces. Their practicality and adaptability make them a versatile unit for a wide range of transportation applications.

Horse Trailer

Transport your hoofed companions comfortably and safely

A specialized class of transport vehicle designed to safely and comfortably move horses from one location to another. They come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate one or more horses and feature sturdy construction, a ramp or step-up entrance, and interior dividers to keep horses separate and secure during transit.

Dump Trailer

Designed to get the job done

Another type of specialized trailer designed for hauling and unloading a wide variety of heavy materials. Available in a variety of sizes, the trailer’s defining feature is a hydraulic lift mechanism, which allows the trailer bed to be raised and tilted to permit the dumping of the contents.

Utility Trailer

A multi-purpose option for work and play

A versatile and multi-purpose non-motorized trailer designed for transporting a wide range of goods and equipment. They feature an open or enclosed design, often with a flatbed, making them ideal for hauling items like furniture, appliances, construction materials, or recreational equipment such as ATVs or motorcycles.


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