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Earl’s Colouring Contest

Earlton RV
March 10-April 1, 2023 - 3:00 PM
Earl’s Colouring Contest

You’re Invited to Earl’s Colouring Contest!

Please join us on Saturday, April 1 and participate in Earl’s Colouring Contest and Earl’s Easter Egg Hunt for a fun filled time with your family!

You could win one of two Samsung Galaxy A8 Tablets by participating in our colouring contest! Download your colouring page here or pick it up at Earlton RV.

Children aged 12 and under can participate in Earl’s Colouring Contest by dropping off their masterpiece at Earlton RV or submitting their colouring page directly on our website before Noon on April 1.

Cost: FREE for our community members*

Colouring Page: Download here

How to participate?

  1. Pick up the colouring page at Earlton RV or print it>>
  2. Create your Masterpiece
  3. Drop off your colouring page in-store at Earlton RV, or
  4. Take a photo of your colouring page, and
  5. Upload your photo here>>


  • Children must be 12 years of age or under to participate in our Colouring Contest.
  • Please submit your colouring page online on our website or in person at Earlton RV before Noon on April 1st
  • The two winners will be drawn at random and announced on our Earlton RV Facebook Page.

 *Please note this event is available for our local families. To participate, you must be able to claim your prize in-person at Earlton RV.