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Update your RV Space with these Interior Decorating Tips

November 4, 2021

If you are wanting to make some changes to the look and feel of your RV, there are many ways to accomplish this without breaking the bank.

Check out the following tips to see if one or several of them might help to create your vision for your RV!

Replace or Cover RV Counters

A good place to make a change or get started on a remodel is the kitchen. Often, an RV kitchen is dark and old-fashioned. Replacing or redecorating your countertops is an easy way to add some style and modernize your kitchen. This can be done by placing plastic laminate covers over your existing counters. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, plus they are easy to apply!

For a bigger project, you could entirely replace the countertops with a brand-new set made of stainless steel, wood or other lightweight materials.

Kitchen Backsplash

Another option to add some colours and personality to your RV kitchen is by adding a fun backsplash to the walls. These come in ceramic tiles, faux bricks, wood paneling and more. You really can get creative with a backsplash! You only need the materials and a good adhesive for this RV interior decorating idea.

Create an Accent Wall

Enhance your living room and bedroom spaces with an accent wall! These areas are often simple and undecorated, which is great for adding some colour. An accent wall can be made by adding some paint, textures and designs or putting some tapestries and artwork.

Replace Lighting

Lighting is a very important part of any living environment. If you don’t like the lighting in your RV, replacing and changing it can have a tremendous positive impact on the whole floorplan. Do you want less harsh fluorescent light or more natural-like light? Choose the bulbs and brightness you prefer while balancing warm and cool options, then install it throughout your RV.

Add Curtains

Spruce up your space with curtains! This is one of the most easy and fun RV interior decorating ideas. Most RVs come with blinds or shutters that lack in personality, so adding curtains on a curtain rod will make a major difference in the look and feel of your unit.

Learn about more RV interior decorating tips!

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