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Tips To Plan An Extended RV Trip

June 1, 2021
Tips To Plan An Extended RV Trip

If you are planning an extended RV trip somewhere in Canada this summer, you likely know that the best way to explore is to take your time over a period of a few weeks. Taking extra time on the road gives you a chance to experience the route while visiting hidden gems along the way, such as lookouts and charming small towns.

Like any travel, extended RV trips have their own challenges, but you can prepare ahead of time and enjoy it worry-free. Here are a few top tips for planning an extended RV road trip.

Set Your Budget

Setting up your trip’s budget and deciding how much you want to spend is the first step to planning. Break down the number into how many days you want to be on the road, account for meals and activities.

Plan Your Route

It goes without saying that planning the route you want to take and creating a timeline helps tremendously in ensuring your trip goes smoothly. By planning your route, you are also using your time more efficiently and making the most of it.

Plan For Spontaneity

Suggestions and recommendations from friendly locals you meet along the way are often worth checking out. Leave some free time in your schedule to add activities or sights.

Divide Up The Drive Time

Take your time getting to your destinations. Minimize long days driving and maximize rest stops to move and nourish your body. It is also a good idea to pack snacks and have them ready. It is healthier!

Pinpoint Gas Station Locations

It is wise to know or have an idea of where the next gas station will be. It is stressful when the gas light comes on and you don’t know where the nearest gas stop is. It is better to be prepared than not!

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