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Tips to Plan a RV Route for a Motorhome

May 1, 2021

If you own a motorhome or large fifth wheel, you surely have some experience in planning a RV trip and its routes. Driving a large RV is different and requires certain steps to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable.

Here are some tips to plan a RV route with a motorhome.

RV Roadside Assistance

You might have invested in roadside assistance, but will it help if you need to move your RV off the side of the road or tow it? Tow companies that are willing to move large vehicles tend to be expensive. This is why investing in a RV-specific assistance is recommended. It will ensure that anyone you call can come help wherever you might be.

Low Clearances

It is important to avoid low clearances when you are driving or towing your big RV. In order to prepare and plan your RV routes on a trip, use a RV-specific route planning program like RV Trip Wizard. It will give you the best routes once you have input the size of your RV.

Steep Grades

RV Trip Wizard also can help you avoiding steep grades that can be an issue with a motorhome or large fifth wheel. The weight can push you downhill and driving up and down steep roads is a challenge.

Use the RV Life App

Did you know that you can use the RV Life app to load the routes you created in RV Trip Wizard? Navigating the routes using the RV Life app, GPS directions, read campground reviews and more make your trip more enjoyable.

Go Around Big Cities

We know that often the most straightforward routes take you through big cities. However, navigathing through a big and busy city with a large RV is stressful.

You risk to encounter construction zones causing traffic james, sudden stops, reckless drivers and low clearance bridges. It is much easier to add more kilometers to your trip and go around the bigger cities.

Learn about more tips to plan a trip with a large RV.

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