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Tips to Keep Your RV Cool this Summer

June 3, 2022
Tips to Keep Your RV Cool this Summer

Hot days have arrived!

High temperatures can quickly turn your RV into an uncomfortable house on wheels. Check out these tips for keeping your RV cool this summer when the highest temperatures hit!

Park in the Shade

When selecting a campsite for your summer camping trips, it is important to consider the shade factor. If possible, orient your RV to be shaded during the hottest part of the day. Position any trees on the western side of your rig and use your awning to create additional shade.

Create Shade

Simply use what you have available to create shade, such as your awning and tarps. Keep your awning down at all times and use tarps to create shady spots to relax, but make sure to use tree-friendly straps like wide nylon. If there are no trees near your RV, you can use a large tarp and tie one side to the top of your RV and secure the other side to the ground with stakes.

Buy a Portable Fan

If your budget is limited, consider purchasing one or two portable fans. Even a small one goes a long way to move warm air and create a breeze in your RV. In the evening, you can set up one fan in a window pointing inward to pull cool air in and another one pointing outward to pump the hot air out of your unit.

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