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Tips for Responsible RVing and Camping

November 12, 2021

Whether you are RVing seasonally or full-time, there are ways to do it responsibly and reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

In fact, RVing is one of the only travel methods that combine both transport and accommodation, so four people traveling in an RV have a smaller carbon footprint than those flying and renting a car once they reached their destination. If you are RVing full-time, you are using a lot less energy that you would if you owned a home.

Below are great tips on responsible RVing and camping as well as travel etiquette, so anyone can make small changes that will make a difference.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

It is recommended to use a clean and biodegradable soap that is paraben-free, vegan, and phosphate-free for washing dishes and items while you are camping. Dish soaps like Dawn are toxic to the environment and wildlife. The Unscented Company is a great Canadian company to start with their array of environmentally friendly household products. It is also recommended that you do not wash anything in lakes, rivers, or streams to protect the environment and wildlife.

Bonfire Etiquette

Camping in areas where wood is abundant is better for bonfires. It is not recommended to have a bonfire in areas where there is little wood at higher elevation, in heavily used areas or in desert settings. Make sure to always put your campfire out as an unsupervised fire can lead to major damage and danger for those in the area. It is also good to check the areas surrounding the campsite for stray sparks or embers as those can start spot fires.

Responsible Pet Owner

Wildlife can be scared of other animals, so keep your pets on a leash when you are walking them. Always clean up after your pet and dispose in the garbage using responsible waste bags like BioBag Waste Bags. They can be composted along with organic waste in municipal composting facilities.

Leave your Campsite Better than You Found It

Always leave your campsite cleaner than you found it. Clean up any mess you see on the ground as it intentionally improves the environment for the next group of campers while giving a hand to the campground operators. Also always travel with waste bags to be prepared for anything you might find while travelling.

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