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Tips for Camping with your Dog

September 12, 2022
Tips for Camping with your Dog

Taking your dog on your RV camping trips is part of making lifelong memories with your family.

Whether you have already taken your dog on camping trips or not, it’s important to ensure your dog is prepared and trained.

Here are some tips and the five most important commands your dog should know!

Research and Plan

Before you go on your camping trip, plan ahead and research dog-friendly campsites and trails to ensure your dog will be welcomed and safe.

Hiking Preparation

It is always a good idea to physically and mentally prepare yourself and your dog for any hiking or backpacking trip. Check in on your dog during the hike for tiredness or discomfort, and make sure they rest as needed.

Pack Necessities

You know what to pack for yourself, but do you pack all the necessities for your dog besides water and food? If you are planning to hike, it is a good idea to have a few extra items such as first aid kits, a rain coat, dog shoes or soothing topical creams or waxes for the paws.

Leave Nature The Same Way You Found it

You might be camping and hiking in the great outdoors, but you should still pick up your dog’s waste and pick up any trash you use throughout the day.

Five Commands

For safety, it is important that your dog know some basic commands when camping and hiking. These can keep them safe in many instances!

The five basic commands are:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leave it
  • Drop it

Enjoy your next camping trip with your dog!

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