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Simplify Your RV Cooking in 5 Ways

October 30, 2020

It is always important to eat healthy, especially when we are on the road or camping. Be inspired by these simple five ways to simplify your cooking while you are camping in your RV and maintain a healthy diet.

1. Meal Planning

An oldie, but goodie way to simplify your RV cooking is to prepare your meals ahead of time. Make a list of the meals you like to cook and eat, then keep the raw ingredients for those meals in your fridge and pantry.

2. Keep it Simple

Keep cans of beans, tuna, soup and chili in your pantry to make your meals quick and simple. It only takes a few minutes to prepare a bean salad with fresh veggies and a soup on the side. Frozen pizzas and lasagnas also can be handy.

3. Use a Crock-Pot

By using a Crock-Pot or Instant Pot, you can prepare your dinners ahead of time and have several meals for the next few days. For example, it takes a few minutes to put a roast, some potatoes, carrots and onions in a Crock-Pot, and let it cook all day.

4. Cook Large Quantities and Freeze

Another way of simplifying your RV cooking is to cook larger quantities of a few meals, package it into meal sizes portions and reheat later. This avoid to eat the same meal for a few days in a row and you cook only one time!

5. Use your BBQ

If you are using your bbq, it is a good idea to cook extra food for the same reason outlined in tip #4. Most foods can be easily reheated, so why not preparing two days worth of meals? After all, you are paying for the propane!

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