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Plan a Fun Family Camping Trip at Twin Lakes Camping!

June 7, 2022
Plan a Fun Family Camping Trip at Twin Lakes Camping!

Looking for a kid-friendly fun place to bring your family camping this summer? Look no further!

Twin Lakes Camping is located in Moonbeam, Ontario, and offers amazing features for the whole family:

✔️ A 220-foot water slide.

✔️ 3 small water slides.

✔️ 3 sandy beaches.

✔️ 3 playgrounds.

✔️ Wheelchair accessible areas.

✔️ and more!

Accommodation options are for everyone whether you are RVing, camping in the wilderness or glamping. Twin Lakes Camping has an RV park, tent areas, train apartments, lofted bunkies and deluxe cabins.

Did you know that you can camp for FREE at Twin Lakes Camping this summer?

Purchase a new or pre-owned RV with us this year and you get a FREE Camping Passport, giving you up to $450 of free nights at participating campgrounds, including Twin Lakes!

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