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Five Best Christmas Gifts for the RVers in Your Life

December 1, 2020

Do you need inspiration for Christmas gifts to give to the RVers in your life? Don’t search further! We have compiled a list of best gift ideas for you.

National and/or Provincial Park Pass

Canadian National and Provincial Parks offer a wide range of experiences for campers of all age, such as hiking, walking on nature trails, kayaking, skiing, exploring a historic site and much more. By offering a pass for National and Provincial parks, you provide endless opportunities for the RVers in your life.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are not an exciting gift per se, but they are practical. If the RVers in your life are spending a lot of time on the road, then they will appreciate a Earlton RV Gift Card for their next service appointment, or the many parts and accessories we offer. 

Keep Track of Travels

There are many good and fun tools to keep track of travels, especially for RVers. Why not give a travel journal or a Scratch Map of the World?

Camping Gifts

Yes, camping gifts are a good idea and useful! Not all RVers in your life have everything they need. Consider giving something that is foldable and collapsible while durable. The following ideas are suited for camping, cooking and RV living: collapsible wash basin, hammock with a stand, collapsible fire marshmallow roasting sticks and solar light and USB phone charger.

For more great gift ideas, browse our parts and accessories catalogues. 

Earlton RV – Catalogue 1 and Catalogue 2

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