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COVID-19: How to Travel by RV Safely

May 1, 2021

Since the coronavirus hit the World just over a year ago, our travel methods have changed to say the least. Luckily, travelling by RV is one of the safest methods to explore Canada.

Learn about how to maximize your safety during your RV trips this year beyond the usual precautions (face mask, hand washing, sanitizning) with these tips.

Personal Hygiene

The usual precautions mentioned above are important to maintain this year, including social distancing and respecting the guidelines of the area you are visiting. The interior of your RV is as important to keep clean!

If you plan to rent a RV, make sure that you choose a reputable company to rent from to have the peace of mind that your rental will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected beforehand.

Safety Benefits of RVs

RVing provides a safe and self-controlled environment plus you have the freedom to decide where you go and when. You can bring your own food and cook in the comfort of your home on wheels. You have access to a bathroom anytime and can avoid gas station stops.

Travel Advisories

The pandemic has seen an increase in the number of campers and RVers. It is recommended that you check the availability of campgrounds and RV parks as well as book your stay. Check your booked campground’s health and safety protocols to be prepared.

The same goes for modified food offerings and what amenities are available or not.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel is as important as safety. We recommend you try to maximize your environmental impact by practicing green tourism. For instance, use a greener fuel rather than a gas grill, stove or wood campfire. Use recyclable and reusable products, shop local in the area you are visiting. Always dispose properly of your trash when you camp and hike.

Choose Activities Wisely

With the pandemic still ongoing, it is important to wisely choose the activities you plan to do during your RV trips. Activities that allow for safe social distancing and steering clear of crowded areas are the top two things to keep in mind. There are great options for this year, such as ATVing, water skiing, biking and hiking (in safe places).

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