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7 Ways to Make a Perfect Cake in your RV

November 8, 2021

Baking in your RV doesn’t have to be impossible or difficult. In fact, there are several ways to make it easy, enjoyable and delicious!

Try these solutions for baking a good cake in your RV while camping.

Use a Pizza Stone in your RV Oven

If you want to use your RV oven and ensure that the heat is evenly distributed while baking, place a pizza stone on the grill. The heat tends to not be evenly distributed in a RV oven, because it is very small. If your cake is too big to be baked, consider making a layer cake and baking one layer at a time or cupcakes.

Instant Pot Cake

Did you know that you can use your Instant Pot (if you have one) to bake desserts? It is a versatile and great RV kitchen gadget that cooks quickly without adding heat or excessive amounts of moisture to the air.

A pressure cooker cake is easy to make, plus it tastes and looks good! Make sure to change the sealing ring on your Instant Pot to the one for desserts, otherwise your cake might be savory instead of sweet.

Stovestop Steamed Cake

Yes, you can bake a cake on the stove! It is even a popular method in countries where ovens aren’t common as a household appliance. This method involves steaming that makes the cake very moist and delicious. All you need is a homemade or store-bought mix cake batter and large deep pan with a lid.

Slow Cooker Cake

Similarly to the Instant Pot, a cake can be baked in a crockpot and it is super easy! This method takes a bit longer than others, but it is quite easy. Basically, you dump all the ingredients in the pot, turn it on and let it bake your cake while you attend to other things.

Microwave Mug Cake

If you are looking to bake only for two people or your little family, consider making microwave mug cakes. These individual desserts can be made quickly and presented with some whipped cream and springles. It is a great RV way to bake!

Read about more ways to bake a cake in your RV and get some recipes!

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