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6 Ways to Save on your RV Fuel this Summer

July 8, 2022
6 Ways to Save on your RV Fuel this Summer

Camping season is here!

And we’ve got some great tips to help with your RVs fuel efficiency this season

Tire Pressure

You can save up to 3% in fuel economy if the tires on your RV are properly inflated. It also keeps you and your family safe on the road.

Clean Air Filters

A clean air filter in your RV or tow vehicle can improve fuel economy up to 10%!

Speed Matters

The faster you drive the faster you burn fuel. Slow down, enjoy the road and the sites! Isn’t that what RVing is all about!

Cruise Control

Save on fuel by using cruise control as much as you can on the highways to maintain a constant speed. If you can’t be on cruise control, accelerate and brake gently and gradually.

Pack Light

Fuel economy is affected by the weight you add to your RV, so the lighter you pack the better.

Regular Maintenance

Doing regular maintenance on your RV or tow vehicle ensures your engine will be performing at its best efficiency.

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