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5 Things You Should Clean More Often

March 29, 2021

All RVers know that their home away from home needs to be kept tidy daily. Small spaces get dirty faster, dishes pile up quickly in the sink and tables should be wiped off regularly.

However, your regular cleaning might not be enough to keep bacterial and dirt away in your RV. There are a few spots to remember to clean regularly.

Steering Wheel

How many times a day do you touch your steering wheel? Think about it. Most of us never wipe it off. This is the spot with a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and dirt. It should be wiped off on a weekly basis at the very least.

RV Latch / Door Handles

It is very easy to forget to clean your RV latch and door handles, but those are being opened and closed numerous times a day. It is important to wipe these off a few times a week to prevent the germs from spreading.


Do you think about wiping your laptop down once in a while? Both the keyboard and touchpad are hot spots for bacteria and dirt to collect. It is also good to avoid eating while you are on your laptop.


Did you know that most pillows can be washed in the washing machine? It is recommended to wash them every couple of months to really get rid of old skin cells and germs.


Like any other appliances, your fridge needs cleaning once in a while. Sticky spots, crumbs and expired food should be removed regularly.

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