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Camping Tips for Beginners

Camping Tips for Beginners

June 30, 2021

If this year is your first one or second one as a RVer, there are a lot of things to consider other than just owning and driving your new rig. It takes time and practice to become an experienced RVer, from how to drive and maintain your RV to how to plan and go on trips.

Check out these RV camping tips for beginners.

Make Reservations in Advance

Campgrounds are getting booked very quickly, early in the season and RVing is even more popular in the current pandemic. It is recommended to book well in advance.

If you don’t mind stepping out of your comfort zone, you could consider boondocking or looking for free spots to stay at.

Packing: Less Is More

No matter if you are headed to a vacation spot a few hours or days away, it is not necessary to pack a lot. Make a list of things you believe are necessary to pack, then when you return take out anything you didn’t use. That way you will only pack what you truly needed and used on that first trip. This is also a good rule for experienced RVers.

Load and Rig Weights

It is important to confirm and know your rig’s towing capacity as well as learn what the various weight terms mean, such as Gross Vehicle Weight, cargo weight, tongue/hitch weight and so on.

You can calculate your towing capacity on a Cat Scale by weighing the camper when it is empty and when it is full.


Making a checklist before you leave is the most efficient way to make sure you aren’t forgetting to pack anything and any important tasks, such as securing shower doors or padding breakables in the cabinets. We also recommend making a checklist for outdoor tasks on your RV, such as pulling in slides, gathering hoses and unplugging the electricity.

Take Your Time

Traveling with your RV should be a marathon, not a sprint. It is about the journey, not the destination. It is important to factor in stops for meals and gas in your overall driving time. Remember that driving and parking an RV also takes more time.

Simply make sure you know the check-in time at your campground, so you know what time to arrive. It is not recommended to arrive late at night when it is dark.

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