Avoid Costly Repairs with These 6 RV Maintenance Tips

Avoid Costly Repairs with These 6 RV Maintenance Tips

October 10, 2021

Your RV requires regular standard maintenance to run smoothly over a long period of time, and much more. After all, it is your second home on wheels.

Preventive care and maintenance can keep costly repairs to a minimum and protect your investment.

Check these RV maintenance tips.

Cover your Roof

RV roofs are directly and constantly exposed to the UV light, cold and hot temperatures as well as other harsh elements that can create unseen issues. RV roofs are not often checked and this can be costly. One of the best ways to prevent unnecessary damage is to keep your RV stored under an RV cover or carport when it is not in use. It is also recommended to clean your RV roof on a regular basis.

Run your Generator

It is important to run your RV generator a couple of hours or more every month at 50% load. It will ensure that it stays primed and ready. Note that gasoline has a shelf life of about 30 days. After that time it can break down and damage your generator’s internal components forcing you to replace it years before you should. The more it runs on a regular basis the better.

Check your Window, Door and Roof Seals

It is common for RVs to have moisture leaking through faulty weather stripping and seals. As most things, seals naturally degrade over time and when they start losing their effectiveness, water is able to steep in. This can become a serious and costly issue. Checking the seals around your RV windows and doors every three months as well as those around the roof twice a year will prevent mold from growing and water from leaking in. 

Open the Vents

This maintenance tip is easy to apply! Keep your RV vents open to promote airflow through the unit and keep the temperature down. High temperatures cause materials such as wall coverings, seals and flooring among other items to deteriorate over time. However, ensure that your exterior vents are covered to avoid rainwater coming inside.

Keep your Tires in Good Condition

Did you know that the UV rays can damage your RV tires rapidly when it is in storage or parked for an extended period of time? Keeping your tires clean, protected and covered can help you avoid replacing them much earlier than you normally would. 

Document your RV Maintenance

Keeping track and documenting your RV maintenance tasks electronically or online is a great way to remember what you did and what needs to be done on an annual basis. Plus, you can keep your records in one place.

Read the complete tips.


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