6 Ways to Go High-Tech in Your RV

6 Ways to Go High-Tech in Your RV

March 10, 2023
6 Ways to Go High-Tech in Your RV

In recent years, we have witnessed a new generation of campers evolving, with new technologies including a broad range of both help gadgets and tools.

No matter your type of RV lifestyle or what you want to do during your RV trips, there are likely high-tech tools available to help you make the most of your adventures!

Here are 6 ways to go high-tech in your RV.

Upgrade the Sound System

Make sure you have the appropriate gadgets for your sound system, in all seasons and situations! Consider a Bluetooth system that connects to your mobile device for indoor needs. For evenings around the campfire, invest in an exterior sound system. Check out electronic options in our parts and accessories catalogue!

Get a Rear-view Camera

If your RV doesn’t come with a rearview camera, get one! It’s a tremendous help when backing your rig into a campsite. Basic camera system kits come with a backup camera, infrared lights for seeing in the dark and high-quality wireless displays. Check out our camera options!

Invest in Solar Energy

There are so many advantages to using solar energy when RVing, like cutting down on noise, respecting the environment, charging portable electronics, keeping lights powered and running all your high tech gadgets. Plus, it’s free energy! We sell solar kits, so check them out!

Stay Connected with a Wi-Fi Booster

The new generation of campers often need to stay connected for several reasons, including work, safety, driving directions, searching for services or places around the area, etc. If your RV doesn’t allow you to stay connected, you can get a Wi-Fi booster. We just so happen to have some in our store!

Install or Upgrade the TV

If your current RV doesn’t have a TV, or has one that could use an upgrade, this can be easily done. When choosing a TV, make sure it’s compatible with your RV’s power type, fits your space and can withstand all the moving, bumping, and shaking that comes with travel. A mount can keep your TV in place. Check out our TVs and mounts!

If you are not finding what you’re looking for or need assistance, we are here to assist you!


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